Fiesta grocery store has got some pretty shitty bathrooms. Literally.

That’s they girl song, put they song onn


Everything is so much sharper now. Straight up. -Red Shelton.

She gets a check every month, just from her dad being Polish royalty.

Welcome, Ryan Mcgaw. Today is March 26, 2010 12:01 AM CDT.

Neighbors have been complaining. No more dubstep in the early morning.



(1:23 AM) Hey dude you still have that laser pointer? There’s a cop posted up on Wheeler street.

Stabbed both of my fucking thumbs trying to fix a pair of sunglasses with a knife. Bloody QWERTY keyboard.

That’s exactly how much it co$t$.

Time to do the thing that’s word to your wrist watch.

Dream of smoke without fire.